Why Andis Clippers Not Charging (9 Ways to Fix) 

If you’re like me, you probably have an Andis clipper that you use for your hair. But what happens when it stops charging?

So, if you’re having trouble getting your Andis clippers to charge, you’re not alone. Many Andis users have reported this issue, and it can be frustrating. Luckily, there are a few things you can try to get your clippers working again. In this blog post, we’ll share tips on troubleshooting and fixing Andis clippers that won’t charge. 

andis clippers not charging

How to Fix Andis Clipper Not Charging 

These are possible solutions that you should try first to fix your Andis clipper.

Quick Fixes 

  • Change the power socket if it is faulty 
  • Change the faulty charging cable and ensure it is correctly inserted 
  • Charge the clipper fully 
  • Pick it up and palace it correctly into the charging cradle 
  • Check the battery and replace it if it is damaged 
  • Check the power button; it can be faulty 
  • Clean your Andis clipper blades 
  • Clean the charging cradle and charging port on your clipper 
  • Contact the manufacturer for its repair/ replacement

Check Power Socket 

Firstly you should check your power socket because if it is faulty and not providing electricity, the clipper will not charge. While you are unsure about your power socket, you can check it by plugging another device into it. 

andis clippers not charging

It should be fixed if the new device is not charging with this socket. So, you should use another power socket to charge the clipper. And check it to ensure it is charging. 

Sometimes if the LED blinks on the clipper but does not charge, so can the issue with the power socket. It will provide a low voltage of electricity that is not enough to charge the clipper ultimately. 

Faulty Power Cable 

Secondly, you should check the charging cable and ensure it is not faulty and correctly inserted into the power socket and charging cradle. Also, you should ensure you are using an original charging cable with your Andis clipper. 

andis clippers not charging

You should remove the cable from both sides and then insert it into the power socket and charging cradle correctly. Don’t force the charging cable to insert into the socket or charging cradle; it can cause damage. 

If the cable is faulty and not providing power to the clipper, you should use another new compatible cable to charge your Andis clipper. And always keep using an original cable with the clipper. 

Charge Fully 

In that case, if you have not used this Andis clipper for several months, you should charge it fully before using it. Because its battery might be drained and needs to charge fully. It will take about 3 to 4 hours to charge completely. 

andis clippers not charging

Plug it into the power socket and allow it to charge 100%. And don’t interfere with it while it is charging. Then you can check it to ensure it is charged. 

If the Andis clipper is still not charging, it can have another issue, so keep reading the solutions below. 

Replace Battery 

If charging it for 3 to 4 hours is not helping to fix the Andis clipper, you should have to check its battery. It might need to be replaced because it can be dead/ damaged. Before considering replacing the battery, you should test if the battery is faulty.

andis clippers not charging

Plug the USB cable into the power socket and place your clipper into the charging cradle. While placed into the charging cradle, you should turn it on and check if it is working. 

And remove it from the charger and then power it on; if it is not working, the issue can be with its battery. You should replace it, and then you can use it properly. 

You should not use the clipper when its battery drains down and works slowly. Charge it before ending the battery completely. It will preserve your Andis clipper life, and also you should avoid overcharging it. It should charge for a maximum of 4 to 5 hours. 

Place Correctly into the Charging Cradle 

Mostly the user does not place the clipper properly into the charging cradle, and the charging issue can be due to its wrong positioning. So, you should ensure you have correctly placed it into the cradle. 

andis clippers not charging

If you are not sure about it, you should pick it up and place it again into it. Take your clipper closer to the cradle, align the charging port with the charging pins into the cradle, and then put it into it. 

If the clipper is correctly placed into the cradle, a LED light will illuminate it. This LED indicates that the clipper is charging. Allow it to charge completely, and then use it. 

Clean Charging Cradle and Charging Port

If you have done the above steps and your Andis clipper is still charging, you should look at its charging cradle and charging port. Dirt and debris can be accumulated there because it is challenging to keep them clean. 

andis clippers not charging

So, if they are dirty, there are possibilities that the charging issue is due to this dirt. The dirt stops the electricity from passing, so you should clean them instantly. 

You can clean it by the following method:

  1. Use a soft and clean brush to remove dirt 
  2. You can clean the charging cradle with a cotton bud and rubbing alcohol
  3. Pour a few drops of alcohol on the cotton bud and rub it into the cradle gently 
  4. Then use a soft cloth to clean it and remove any water from here. 
  5. You should keep water away from it because it can cause a short circuit and other damage 
  6. Don’t plug the charging cradle or clipper into the charger if they are wet or moist. 

Check Power Button 

When the clipper is fully charged but still not working, you should check its power button and ensure it is working properly. Sometimes the power button can be hit by a hard surface and will stop working. 

So you should check for every possible damage and ensure the power button is connected to the main power circuit. If it is disconnected, you should connect it again to the power circuit. 

May the button’s solder have disconnected due to a minor shot circuit on your clipper? 

Clean Clipper 

As the above, the clipper is charged but not turning or working. Obviously, there can be dirt and hair particles accumulated on the blades. And this stops the blades from moving, which is why clippers are not working. 

andis clippers not charging

You have to remove this dist from its blades; firstly, remove all accessories from the clipper. And then clean them and remove bunches of hair stuck into them. 

If the clipper is waterproof, you can clean them with water and then dry or clean them with a clean cloth. 

However, if the clipper is not waterproof, you should use a brush that comes with it and use rubbing alcohol for the debris. 

Contact Manufacturer  

After tying the above methods, if the problem still persists, the issue can be with the clipper’s hardware or circuit. So, you should go to the nearest electric repair shop. And the other method that you can do is to contact the manufacturer. 

Check if your clipper is under warranty; you can get it replaced or repaired by the manufacturer. And they can also help to fix your clipper. 

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