Wahl Beard Trimmer Not Charging (7 Fixes)

It’s a great way to save time to trim a beard at home without going to a saloon. I have a Wahl beard trimmer that has been working correctly for me. But for the last several days, it stopped charging. It was frustrating, so I tried some methods, but they did not work. 

And then, I started researching on the Internet, and after several struggles, I have it fixed. If you are also experiencing the same pain with your Wahal beard trimmer, it is not charging. Don’t worry because I am here to help you; I will share the complete solutions. 

wahl beard trimmer not charging

Let’s get started! 

How to Fix Wahl Beard Trimmer Not Charging 

You should try several methods first to determine if the trimmer should be replaced or buy a new one. 

The trimmer has not been used for Several Months. 

Firstly you should figure out what kind of issue is with your trimmer. There are several reasons why your Wahl trimmer is not charging. If you have not turned on and charged the trimmer for several months, its battery might be drained completely. 

In this situation, when the battery is drained, you should plug it into the charger. Allow it to charge completely; it may take 3-4 hours to completely charge. You should not interfere with the trimmer while plugging it into the charger.

To check if it is charging, you should look at the charger. If an LED light is illuminating, the trimmer is charging. While its battery is 100% charged, this light might start blinking. 

wahl beard trimmer not charging

However, if the trimmer is not charging, it can have other problems that you can find below. 

Change the Power Cord 

A faulty power cord might be a reason why your Wahl trimmer is not charging. You should check its power cable; if it is not working, the trimmer will not charge. You should look at the power cord carefully if you find any external damage or cuts, so the cable should be replaced. 

While checking the damage, you should ensure that the power cable is not plugged into the power socket. If you have another Wahl trimmer charger available, you should test the trimmer by plugging it in. 

When you have plugged it into the new cord if it is changing. So, your power cable is faulty and should be replaced because it can harm you and the trimmer. 

Check Power Source 

If you are charging your trimmer, the power source plays an important role. If the power source is faulty and not providing electricity, it can be a reason your Wahl trimmer is not charging. Sometimes the power socket provides low voltages that do not charge the trimmer ultimately. 

You can test your power source by plugging a new device into it. If the new device is not charging, your power source is faulty and should be repaired. 

You have to use a 2.2V power socket to charge the trimmer. If the power is less than 2.2v, you will see the LED illuminating, but it does not charge. So, don’t use a high or low-power source; it can affect the trimmer’s battery. 

Connect Properly & Turn Power Button Off 

Sometimes you plug the trimmer improperly in carelessness; it is the reason your trimmer can not charge. You should check if it is not correctly placed into the charger; if not properly inserted, you should unplug it and then replug it on the charger correctly. 

Another thing you should check is that the trimmer’s power button is off. If the button is on, it can not charge because the power directly converts into the output. 

Water has Damaged the trimmer. 

Check your Wahl trimmer if it is exposed to water; it can be the reason your trimmer is not charging. So, if the trimmer has contacted the water, you should remove it from the power cable. 

And don’t touch the trimmer while it is plugged into the charger. Then take a clean piece of cloth and wipe the water from it. After all, place it at room temperature to dry out the water. 

When the water has evaporated from it, you can check the trimmer by plugging it into the charger, if it is now charging. 

Replace its Battery 

Still, if the trimmer is not charging and turning on, its battery might be dead. You should replace it with a new one. For this purpose, firstly, you have to remove the dead battery from the trimmer. 

There are different Wahl models, and the methods will differ for each. For any model of Wahl trimmer, you need to remove its back cover. You should take a screwdriver and remove three screws at the back of your trimmer. 

And then follow the steps for Wahl 8900 Clipper. 

I have inserted a detailed video in this article that is recommended to watch if you are confused. 

  1. Remove the back cover and then unscrew the battery terminal 
  2. And then, remove the other end of the wire, which is soldered with the battery. To this, you can use a soldering gun
  3. Then get the new battery that you have bought 
  4. Solder the wire with the battery> and then screw the other terminal with the battery 
  5. Close the back cover, and now your trimmer is ready to use 

You should watch this video to completely understand. 

You can also read a detailed article if your Wahl trimmer is not working. 

Hardware Damage 

Although none of the above methods was adequate, you should check your trimmer for damaged hardware. If the trimmer’s hardware is internally or externally damaged, you should consider buying a new one. 

However, you should contact the manufacturer if your trimmer is under warranty. You should ask them for a return/ replacement process. Ensure the trimmer is completely meeting the criteria for the replacement. 

Click on this link to read the complete manual guide and replacement of your Wahl trimmer. 

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