Remington Straightener Not Heating Up (6 Ways to Fix) 

It can be frustrating when your Remington straightener not heating up. But with the help of a few solutions, it can be fixed and worked back again.

Here are a few steps such as checking the power button, and temperature plus and minus buttons. In a few cases, the power source or the power cord might be faulty which causes the device to prevent heat up.

If you are facing this issue don’t worry In this article I will share a detailed solution that will help to resolve your straightener.

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Why Remington Straightener Not Heating Up

These are a few possible reasons that can cause your Remington straightener from heating up.

Remington Straightener Not Heating Up

Faulty Power Button 

If you have plugged your Remington straightener into a wall socket and held the power button, it is not heating up. There may be an issue with the power button; it is not working. While the power button stops passing through electricity, the iron will not heat up. 

So, if the power does not reach the iron, it does not heat up. This is the reason why your straightener is not heating up. 

Faulty Plus (+) Button

If the wand is turned on and the power button works correctly. However, if the plus button is pressed and still the wand is not heating up, there will be an issue with the plus heating button. It might be disconnected from the main power circuit. 

You have to check the disconnected wiring and set it up. You can fix it by reading the disassembly guide.  

Minus (-) Button Fault 

As for the plus button, you have pressed the minus button, but the wand is not heating up. The minus button also has a power fault; it might be disconnected from the wand’s primary circuit. The device has to be taken apart to figure out the wiring faults. 

You can get help from the disassembly guide to do this. 

Broken Power Cable 

The power cord is faulty if there is nothing with the power and plus or minus buttons. And that is why the Remington straightener is not turning on and heating up. If the cord is not providing electricity to the iron, it will not heat up. 

So you should try to examine the power cord and if it has a problem you should fix it. You should follow the below steps to fix all issues with your straightener. 

Faulty Power Source 

Most people face power source issues; their source does not provide electricity to the device. So you should check if you have this problem; you should fix it instantly. Sometimes the power source might pass a low current, and that’s why the straightener is not heating up. 

How to Fix Remington Straightener Not Heating Up

These are the possible solutions that you can fix yourself. If the straightener is not working after the complete guide, there might be the best solution to buy a new one. 

Remington Straightener Not Heating Up

Fix the Power Button

You have to unplug the iron from the power socket and press the wall socket button reset. Wait for 2 minutes and plug it into the power source, and try to turn it on. 

You should check the main iron circuit issues if the issue is still not fixed. You should check for disconnected wire or burnt parts on the circuit or if there is any burning smell. 

If there is a disconnected wire, you should connect it to the place, and if the circuit is burnt, then you need to replace it. 

Fix Plus Heating Button

Open the wand to check and determine if anything needs to be replaced. Once you have opened the wand, check if the plus (+) button is connected to the main circuit. And look closely at the primary circuit and check every component’s functioning. 

If you think the plus button is disconnected, try to connect it to the primary circuit. And if you smell anything like burning, the circuit should be replaced. 

Fix Minus Heating Button

You should open the wand to check the minus button connection. Once you have opened the wand then, carefully look at the minus button to ensure it is connected and functioning correctly. However, if the minus button is disconnected from the wand’s main circuit, you should connect it to heat up the straightener. 

And then, you can closely look at the circuit; if any component looks damaged or smells like it is burning, it should be replaced. 

Fix Power Cord 

Firstly you should check the cord carefully if you find any physical damage. And you should try to unplug and replug it into the wall socket. If no part of the cord looks damaged or burned, you should disassemble the device to connect the power cord to turn the straightener on.

So, near the bottom of the device, look for the corrosion or connection fault between the power cord and receiver. 

Here if you see a connection issue, you should replace the cable to fix the connection issue. However, if there is no spot and no burn smell, you should cut the wire from here and reconnect with the receiver. 

To do the whole process, you should read the disassembly guide, and this process is for damaged or disconnected parts.  

Fix Power Source

So if nothing from above is happening with your Remington straightener, you should fix your power source. Because your power source might be faulty. You can use another power socket to heat it up. 

If you want to test that, is there an issue with my straightener or power source? You should take another new device and plug it into this power source. If a new device is also not working, it means your power source is not working. 

Remington Straightener Issue 

Although after testing the device and power source, if you find your hair straightener faulty. You should fix it; there are several methods for its repair. 

Remington provides its products warranty or replacement; so you should check if it is under warranty; you can contact the manufacturers. 

On the other hand, you can go to the local electric mechanic shop, where you can get your Remington straightener fixed. 

If none of the above methods has fixed it, you should consider buying a new high-quality hair straightener. 


These are possible solutions that will help to fix your Remington straightener:

  • Fix power button
  • Fix plus “+” or minus “-” buttons
  • Check power cable
  • Use another power source
  • Check the straightener itself for damage

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