Manscaped Not Charging (How to Fix)

As a user of Manscaped, I recently experienced the frustrating issue of my device not charging. I spent some time researching potential solutions and eventually got it working again. 

If you are also facing this issue, don’t worry! In this article, we will discuss potential solutions to get it back charging.

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How to Fix Manscaped Not Charging 

Here are the possible solutions that you should try to fix your Manscaped trimmer not charging. 

Manscaped Not Charging

Inspect Charging Cradle 

If you are experiencing issues with your Manscaped trimmer not charging, you should check the charging cradle first. 

Ensure it is securely connected to both the power cable and the trimmer. A loose connection can cause charging issues, so check for any loose parts. 

However, it is also possible that the charging cradle itself may be damaged or broken, so you will need to replace it. 

If you have access to another charging cradle, try using that to see if it resolves the issue. 

When placing the trimmer in the charging cradle, ensure it is correctly positioned, so the charging pins connect with the cradle.

Faulty Power Cable 

If your Manscaped trimmer is still not charging after checking the charging cradle, you should check the charging/power cable. 

This cable can become damaged over time or may not be securely connected to the power outlet or the charging cradle. 

To check the cable, closely examine it for any signs of damage or scorching. If you find any, you will need to replace the cable. 

Then, ensure the cable is correctly inserted into the power outlet and the charging cradle.

Fix Power Source 

If your Manscaped trimmer is still not charging after checking the charging cradle and power cable, the next possible solution is to check the power source or wall adapter. 

The power source may be damaged, or the trimmer may not get enough power to charge. 

To check the power source, you can use a lamp to test it. If the lamp does not turn on, the power source is faulty, and you will need to use another one. 

Once you have a working power source, let the trimmer charge fully, which can take up to 3 hours. 

Another thing to consider is the wall adapter, which connects the power cable and the power source. 

Make sure you use the original wall adapter with your Manscape trimmer. 

If you have access to another wall adapter, try using that to see if it resolves the issue. 

Re-plug Correctly  

If you are still experiencing issues with your Manscaped trimmer not charging, another potential solution is simply re-plugging it into the charger. To do this, unplug the trimmer from the charger and wait about 10 minutes. 

Then, carefully plug the power cable into the charging cradle and the power socket, ensuring everything is securely connected. Next, correctly place the trimmer into the cradle.

Plug Directly into Power Cable 

While your Manscaped trimmer is still not charging, you should try removing the charging cable from the charging cradle and attempting to charge the trimmer directly without using the cradle. 

Sometimes, the charging cradle itself can be the cause of charging issues. To do this, insert one cable end into your Manscaped trimmer and the other into the power socket. 

If the trimmer begins charging, the charging cradle is likely the issue. 

No LED Light on Trimmer 

The battery may be fully drained if you notice no light flashes on your Manscaped trimmer when it is plugged in to charge. 

In this case, you should plug the trimmer into the charger for about 3 to 4 hours until it is fully charged. 

Once the trimmer is fully charged, the red LED light should turn solid green. You can then unplug the trimmer from the charger and start using it as usual. 

However, if the LED display is not working and needs to be fixed, there may be another issue with the trimmer. 

In this case, you can check the trimmer by turning it on; if the trimmer is working, it means the led indicator is faulty. 

You should contact a professional technician for assistance. They may be able to diagnose the problem and fix it.

Faulty Charging Pins 

The manscaped trimmer is still not charging; you should check the charging pins on the trimmer. These pins may be faulty or in need of cleaning.

To do this, you will need to disassemble the trimmer and remove the charging pins. Then, clean them and put them back in place.

However, if this does not fix the issue, you may need to replace the charging pins. Once you have done this, put the trimmer back together and plug it into the charger to see if the issue has been resolved. 

Watch the below video to learn how to remove and fix the charging pins on your Manscaped.

 If the problem persists, you may need the manufacturer or professional assistance.

Faulty Battery 

Another possible reason could be a faulty battery. Most Manscaped trimmers use lithium-ion batteries, which can become defective for various reasons, such as exposure to water or direct sunlight. 

To fix this issue, you will need to replace the battery. You can purchase a new battery from the official Manscaped website or a nearby manufacturer’s store. 

Once you have a new battery, replace it in your Manscaped trimmer and try charging it again. 

Damaged Power Button 

If your Manscaped trimmer is charged but not turning on, a faulty power button could be the reason. 

To fix this issue, you will need to determine the cause of the problem. Perhaps the trimmer was dropped, the button broke, or it could be dirty or stuck. 

Whatever the cause, you will need to fix the power button before attempting further methods. 

Once the power button is working correctly, you should be able to turn on your Manscaped trimmer and continue using it as normal.

Replace Trimmer 

If none of the above solutions have helped and you are still experiencing issues with your Manscaped trimmer not charging, you may need to consider replacing it. 

You can contact Manscaped customer support for further assistance, and they should be able to provide you with additional solutions. 

If the trimmer is still under warranty, you can return it or replace it with a new one. 

If the trimmer is no longer covered by warranty, you may need to purchase a new one.


These are the possible solutions to fix your Manscaped that isn’t charging:

  • Inspect the charging cradle
  • Check to charge cable
  • Use another power outlet
  • Plug Directly into Power Cable 
  • Replace faulty battery
  • Malfunctioning charging pins

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