Beard Trimmer Stopped Working (9 Ways to Fix) 

It is a common problem that many trimmer users face at different times. It can be due to several reasons, such as a drained battery, dirty blades, or a chipped or damaged comb. You should check to ensure what the problem is with your trimmer. 

And then, you can read the detailed solutions in the section below. Firstly you should read the quick fixes, and then if you have one of the problems, you can read further. 

beard trimmer stopped working

Quick Fixes: 

  • Its battery can be drained out; charge it 100%
  • The battery can be faulty; you should replace it 
  • Check the charging cable, and replace it with new 
  • The power button is not working, fix or replace it 
  • The blades are not working due to the dirt is accumulated on the blades 
  • The comb might be chipped or damaged 
  • Jammed zoom lock ring 

Beard Trimmer Is Not Turning On 

If your beard trimmer is not turning on or not charging there are a few solutions that you should try first. You can jump to its next section if the trimmer does have power issues.

Charge Battery 

If you have not turned your trimmer on for several months, its battery might be drained. So, you should plug it into the charger to charge 100%. Because if the trimmer’s battery is completely drained, you will not be able to turn it on. 

Plug it into the charger and allow it to charge 100%. It can take approximately 5 hours to reach that level. After charging its battery, ultimately, you can check it by turning it on and ensuring that the issue is fixed. 

Battery Fault 

If you have not used your trimmer for several months and over-charging can cause battery damage. This can also cause your trimmer to drain the battery quickly. How can you prevent this situation? 

beard trimmer stopped working

You should plug the trimmer into the charger for a maximum of 5 to 6 hours, then it completely changes, and you should unplug it. It can save your trimmer’s battery life and prevent it from being damaged. 

If your trimmer has a faulty battery, you should remove this battery and replace it. You should buy a new high-quality battery. 

If you want to replace it yourself, you should visit the complete guide to replace its battery. 

Charging Cable Fault 

Most of the time, the faulty charging cable can be the reason why your trimmer is not charging; if the trimmer does not charge, you cannot be able to use it. So, you should check the power cable and ensure it works correctly. 

If the charging cable is not providing power to your trimmer, you should replace the charging cable. And always use an original branded charging cable to charge your trimmer. 

You can test the cable by plugging in another device with this; if the new device is also not charging, your power cable is defective. 

Power Button Fault 

If the power button is damaged and it does work properly, it can cause the beard trimmer to stop working. You have to check if the power button is faulty or not. If the switch is externally damaged or you think it can be defective, you should replace it. 

beard trimmer stopped working

It is the possible solution that will help fix your trimmer. So, if you want to replace the power button, you should read the complete help article. In this post, you can understand each step to replace the button yourself. 

Trimmer’s Blades Not Working 

Possibly, if the trimmer is charged and getting power from the battery, it can stop working due to the blade’s fault. However, its blades can stop working if dirt is accumulated inside it. Let’s get started!

Dirty Blades 

If the trimmer power works correctly, it is possible that hair and dirt between the blades and the blades are accumulated with the debris. So you should try to remove this dirt from the trimmer’s blades. It cannot start working until you remove the hair and dirt inside of it. 

beard trimmer stopped working

Although if the dirt is not removed from the blades after several struggles, they might be replaced. 

If you want to replace your trimmer’s blades, you should read the easy & complete guide to replace them. 

Dirty Handle 

There can be residue inside the trimmer’s handle, and that causes it to jam its motor. You should check it to ensure the issue is due to the residue inside of the handle. You should remove them instantly. They have stopped the trimmer’s main motor; it will not work until the dirt is not removed. 

beard trimmer stopped working

It is not very difficult to clean out its handle from the inside. You can do this by yourself by following a few crucial steps. 

If you want to clean it by yourself, you should read its complete detailed process

Beard Comb Cannot Move. 

Here is the comb issue and its possible solutions that you should try to fix your beard trimmer that stopped working. 

Jammed Zoom Lock Ring 

The Zoom Lock Precision Notch inside the wheel may be chipped or damaged. If it is jammed or damaged, you should replace it. It is a possible solution to fix it. So if you are looking to fix it yourself, you should read detailed guidance

beard trimmer stopped working

This guidance will help you to complete how to remove the back cover and fix the zoom lock. 

Chipped or Damaged Comb 

Lastly, if the comb is not staying in its place, it can be damaged or chipped. So, you should check to ensure they are chipped or damaged. If the comb is damaged, you should replace it and buy a new one. 

Trimmer Problem 

However, it might be a trimmer hardware issue if your trimmer has not started working after trying the above methods. That you can get it fixed by the electric repair shop and manufacturer. 

If they cannot fix your trimmer, you should consider buying a new and high-quality trimmer for yourself. 

How do you fix a beard trimmer that won’t start?

If your beard trimmer is not turning on or starting, several reasons can cause it not to start, such as a low or dead battery. And the faulty power source and a defective power cord. Dirt can also be a common reason; it can accumulate on the blades and cause them to stop working. Possibilities are the motor can be jammed, and its zoom lock is jammed. 

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