Manscaped Fully Charged But Not Working (Fixed)

You have a Manscaped trimmer and facing an issue that it is not working even though fully charged. Don’t worry; it is a common issue that many users have reported to manufacturers.

However, here are a few steps to help get your trimmer working back. So, trying these steps will help you get the trimmer working back.

If the Manscaped trimmer is fully charged but not working, you should check that trimmer isn’t in the travel lock. Because the travel lock will make it unable to work.

Let’s dive into the detailed solution!

How to Fix a Manscaped Hair Trimmer That Is Not Working? 

Try the following steps to fix the Manscaped trimmer that isn’t working.

Manscaped Fully Charged But Not Working

Check Travel Lock

When you face an issue with your Manscaped, it is not working even fully charged; check for a travel lock as mentioned above. Before doing anything, you should ensure that the trimmer isn’t in travel mode. 

Manscaped Fully Charged But Not Working

Many trimmers, such as Manscaped, have this feature; it prevents the trimmer from accidentally turning on while it is in your luggage or not in use. 

So, this is the feature that is designed for safety purposes. But sometimes, accidentally, it can be enabled.

To fix the trimmer and get it working back again, ensure the travel lock isn’t enabled on the trimmer. If you have put it into travel mode, follow the below steps to disable it.

Follow the below steps:

  1. Ensure the trimmer is completely switched off.
  2. Rapidly press the power button three times. 
  3. The LED indicator will illuminate downwards; it indicates that the lock is now disabled. 
  4. And then press the power button one time to turn the trimmer on and ensure it is working now again.

If the trimmer wasn’t into the travel lock, keep reading the below steps. Also, we recommend you watch the below video to understand the procedure. 

Clean Trimmer 

While you have verified the travel lock is turned off, you should ensure that the trimmer is clean. Its blades might be blocked for prolonged use, and they stop moving. We recommend cleaning the trimmer after every use to prevent this issue. 

Manscaped Fully Charged But Not Working
  1. Take a clean brush that comes with the trimmer and clean the blades. 
  2. Rinse the cutting unit in lukewarm tap water, then turn it on for 15 seconds. Turn it off for 5 seconds and repeat the process 2 to 3 times. Ensure the handle does not get in touch with water.
  3. If the trimmer is not working, disassemble the blades and insert them into the glass of water. Soak them for about 40 minutes, then assemble them on the trimmer. Turn it on to verify it is fixed and working. 
  4. Don’t use soap, alcohol, or other abrasive material for the cleaning, and ensure not to use hard objects that can damage it. 

Oil the Trimmer 

While you use your Manscaped trimmer, the blades rub, and due to the friction, it can be overheated. Sometimes due to the friction between the blades, your trimmer can seize. So, you should ensure the trimmer is oiled correctly. 

Oiling its blades removes friction and prevents it from overheating. You should oil the trimmer before and after every use. 

  1. Using the eyedropper, drop a few drops of oil on the blades. 
  2. Run the trimmer for 20 seconds and turn it off 
  3. Clean excessive oil from the trimmer 

There is a lot of oil in the market that you can use to lubricate your trimmer. But we prefer you to use the oil that comes with your trimmer. However, using the sewing machine oil, coconut, and olive oil will be okay. 

Replace Battery 

If the trimmer has been used for several months; or was not under use for several months, its battery might be dead. So, the battery will not be able to rotate the motor, but the LED light will turn on. So, you should replace the battery with a new one. 

Manscaped fully charged but not working

Although, if you think the battery is not dead, you should consider checking the charging contacts. The charging contact that powers the battery will be defective. You can fix it by watching the video below. 

Sharpen the Blades 

Keeping the trimmer’s blades sharpened is essential for better results. If the trimmer is charged but not working, ensure the blades are well-sharpened. Because if its edges are not sharp, the trimmer will not work and might be blocked.

Manscaped fully charged but not working

So this can cause the trimmer to stop working. You should sharpen them and run the trimmer to ensure it is working. 

Contact Manufacturer 

Lastly, if the trimmer is still not working and you cannot fix it, you should consider contacting the manufacturer. They will be able to guide you with different solutions.

However, if the trimer is under warranty, you can claim a warranty and get it repaired or replaced.

If there is no way to fix or replace it, you should consider buying a new and high-quality trimmer. 


These are solutions that will help you to fix your Manscaped that isn’t working:

  • Disable the travel lock
  • Clean your trimmer
  • Oil & sharpen the blades
  • Replace battery

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