Dyson Corrale Overheating (How to Fix)

The Dyson Corrale is a hair straightener that uses advanced technology to deliver smooth, shiny results without causing damage to the hair.

However, some users have reported that the device can overheat during use, which can cause concern.

Overheating can cause the device to become less effective at straightening hair, and in some cases, it may even pose a safety hazard.

In this article, we will discuss the causes of the Dyson Corrale overheating and some possible solutions to help prevent it.

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Why are you Dyson Corrale Overheating? 

The Dyson corrale overheating issue may be due to various factors such as prolonged, or incorrect usage, and lack of proper maintenance.

Dyson Corrale Overheating

The main reason can be the prolonged use of the Dyson Corrale to heat up, especially if it is used in high-heat settings for an extended period. 

This can cause the device to become less effective at straightening hair, and in some cases, it may even pose a safety hazard.

Another thing is incorrect usage of the corrale which causes the device to overheat. For example, using the device on wet hair or using it on an incorrect heat setting.

And lack of proper maintenance also causes the Dyson Corrale to overheat.

It is essential to clean the device regularly and ensure that the ceramic plates are free of any debris or buildup. 

This helps keep the device operating at its optimal temperature and prevents it from overheating.

How to Fix Your Dyson Corral from Being Overheat?

Here are some potential solutions that will help to fix your Dyson corral from being overheated:

Dyson Corrale overheating

Reduce Heat Settings

When the Dyson Corrale is overheating, try reducing the heat setting on the device. This will help prevent the device from getting too hot and improve its performance.

Take Breaks

If you are using the Dyson Corrale for an extended period, it is essential to allow the device to cool down.

This will help prevent overheating the corrale and ensure that the device operates at its optimal temperature.

Clean the Device

Ensure to clean the Dyson Corrale regularly to remove any debris or buildup on the heating plates. This will help to keep the device operating at its optimal temperature and prevent overheating.

Avoid Using On Wet Hair

The Dyson Corrale works properly on dry hair. So, using the device on damp hair can cause it to overheat, dry your hair completely before using it.

Check for Damage

Another reason will that your Dyson device might be damaged or broken that’s why it does not work or keeps going overheating.

You should carefully inspect the device if suspected that your device is damaged, you should seek a professional technician or contact customer support.

Contact Manufacturer

After trying the all above-mentioned troubleshooting steps you are unable to fix your Dyson corrale that keeps overheating, you should contact Dyson customer support.

Customer support will be able to assist you with further solutions. Also if the device is under warranty you might be able to get it repaired or replaced.


These are the possible solutions that you should try to fix your Dyson corrale that is overheating.

  • Use corrale in the correct way
  • Reduce the heat settings
  • Clean heating plates
  • Avoid using it on damp hair
  • Take a short break while the use

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How do I cool down my Dyson straightener?

First, turn the power button off, and let the straightener sit for a few minutes to allow it to cool down on its own.

If it is still hot, you can try running the straightener under cool water or using a heat-resistant cloth to handle the straightener and carefully blow on the heated plates to dissipate the heat. 

Avoid using ice or cold water, it can damage the straightener. Additionally, you can use the cool shot button on the straightener to quickly cool down the plates. 

How long does Dyson Corrale take to cool down?

The Dyson Corrale typically takes around 10-15 minutes to cool down after use. This may vary depending on the length of time the straightener was used and the temperature settings.

It is essential to allow the straightener to cool down completely before storing it or handling it. 

Does Dyson Corrale cause heat damage?

The Dyson Corrale is designed to minimize heat damage to hair. It uses flexing plates that adjust to the hair’s thickness and shape, and put more consistent heat and pressure across the hair. 

The straightener also has a range of temperature settings, allowing users to choose the appropriate heat level for their hair type and condition. 

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