Do you Oil Clippers Before or After Use (Explained)

You have bought a clipper for personal/ professional uses. In any case, it needs proper care and timely maintenance because carelessness can cause damage and reduce its life. Many clipper users ask whether they should oil clippers before or after use. 

So, if the same question is in your mind without wasting time, let us discuss the answer. The answer is; oil the clipper before and after use is ok. However, we recommend oiling your clipper before using it. There are several crucial factors to know why oiling the clipper before use is the right way; keep reading below. 

do you oil clippers before or after use

Do you Oil Clippers Before or After Use (Details) 

There is no problem with oiling a hair clipper before and after use. But according to our research, you should oil it before using it. There is a solid reason because when you use the clipper after oiling, it lubricates the blades and prevents friction that, helps to get a smooth and controlled cutting. 

do you oil clippers before or after use

Oiling it after use will protect it from rust, but it does not have other benefits. According to someone, it can vary from us.

Although if you know you will not use it for several days, you should oil the clipper and put it in a safe place. If the clipper is used for commercial purposes, we recommend regularly oiling it after 2 sections. 

The new clipper came with completely oiled blades ready to use, so you should only oil it after using it one or two times. After two or three sections, oil the blades. 

Why Oiling the Clipper is Crucial? 

An important question that some people might need to learn is why oiling the clipper is crucial. Oiling a clipper or any machine helps to decrease friction between the moving parts and lubricate them to work smoothly. 

do you oil clippers before or after use

As you know, when you turn on the clipper, its blades move together. Contacting the metal on metal creates friction and causes overheating or seizing. 

To prevent overheating or hardware damage, we use oil or other lubricants that help to run the blades smoothly. 

So, this thing shows that oiling the clipper before use is more meaningful. Although it depends on the conditions and which type of oil you are using. 

How to Oil my Hair Clipper Properly? 

We know when to oil the clipper and why it is crucial. Now another important factor is to understand how to oil your clipper. Oiling the hair clipper should be impactful on the blades and correct. To oil a clipper, read the below directions: 

do you oil clippers before or after use
  1. Clean your clipper with the help of a brush to ensure you have removed all hair from the blades 
  2. And then, take oil and pick a few drops with the eyedropper. 
  3. Turn the clipper on and drop two drops on the center 
  4. In the same way, drop it on the right and left sides 
  5. And then let the clipper run for about 20 seconds freely 
  6. Clean all excessive oil from the clipper 

What is the Best Oil to use on your Clippers? 

There are several oils in the market labeled as clippers oil. You should use an original clipper oil that comes with the clipper. However, there are several alternatives for clipper oil. If you are away from the excessive area, you can use the below oils to lubricate your clippers. 

do you oil clippers before or after use

Different oils can be used on your clipper as an alternative to the clipper’s oil, e.g., singer machine oil, coconut oil, baby oil, and olive oil. There is a great debate on the use of olive oil

Singer Machine Oil 

You may know the singer machine from the sewing machine name. So, the sewing machine oil can easily be excessive anywhere. Most hairstyles use this oil to lubricate their hair clippers. 

do you oil clippers before or after use

It is a lightweight oil, the same as the one with your clipper. This oil is used with fast machines such as a sewing machine, so it would be a good choice for your clipper. 

Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil is a natural product and is easily accessible to everyone. It can be easily bought from a shopping mall or grocery store. Drop three to four drops on the clipper and run it for a while. 

do you oil clippers before or after use

If you do not have this in liquid form, you can use your finger and rub a little amount of it on the blades. Run the clipper until oil completely absorbs into the blades. 

Baby Oil 

Using the right oil on your clipper is key to good clipper conditions. So, baby oil is an excellent alternative to clippers oil. It has qualities that a good clipper oil should. 

do you oil clippers before or after use

To use it, rub a few drops on your finger and gently apply it to the blades. However, you can use an eyedropper to drop a few drops on it. 

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